The Illini Union Parent and Family Programs Office (PFPO) communicates with and provides Illinois parents and families with the tools necessary to develop a productive and supportive relationship throughout the college experience. PFPO endeavors to give the best resources to educate families how to best mentor and coach their college student and help them take the necessary steps to ensure a bright future.

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working together

Established in 1922 and 1923, respectively, the Dads and Moms Associations are thought to be the two oldest parent organizations in the nation. In 2007, they both agreed to eliminate membership fees to ensure that the entire university community had the opportunity to join.

goals of pfpo

  • Become an effective mentor and coach
  • Establish appropriate level of involvement
  • Overall understanding of the college experience and developmental changes

mission statement

The Illini Union PFPO, in collaboration with the Moms Association and Dads Association, helps Illinois parents and families develop the skills necessary to become effective coaches and mentors to their students by providing accessible communications, tools, resources and services. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with families, students and the university that promote a positive "Illinois Experience."

PFPO will:
  • Regularly communicate in order to develop a critical parent-university partnership
  • Educate parents and families on their new role in their college student's life
  • Provide information and the necessary tools to become productive mentors
  • Provide volunteer opportunities for parents and families that keep them connected and able to develop new relationship with to the university community and fellow contemporaries.

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